In the old days, only the upperclassmen had the opportunity to treat themselves with this fish. Today the sole is considered one of the most delicious and gourmet fish.

Due to its tender low-fat meat and subtle flavor, the sole fish is very popular in many cuisines around the world. In addition, it has virtually no bones. Italians prefer to cook this fish in white wine, and the Spaniards serve roasted sole along with the sauce.

Unlike their eastern counterparts, the Atlantic sole fish is not saturated with a high content of heavy metals, its meat is absolutely safe and dietetic.

Specification: Individual Quick Frozen (IQF)

Scientific name: Solea solea (Linnaeus 1758), Solea elongata (Day 1877)

Origin: Morocco, Oman, Iran

Fishing zone: FAO 34, FAO 37, FAO 51

Shelf life: 18 months

FAO Names: En – Sole, Black Sole, Dover Sole, Turbot, Tonguesole Fr – Sole commone, Sole franche Es – Lenguado común,  zh – 欧洲鳎

Packaging: Cardboard box, Net weight, kg: 20, 22, 24

M.O.Q: 1 x FCL (28 tons)

We supply fresh-frozen sole fish of the following types:

WR: <400 g, 400-800 g, >800 g


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