An unusual looking fish, thin and round-shaped with black or silver skin. They are often found in the Indian Ocean, and are usually available around 500g. Pomfret is one of the most prized fish in Indian cuisine, and fillets are often scored and coated in strong curry pastes using flavours such as coriander and cumin seeds, tamarind, turmeric, cinnamon and chilli before frying, baking or steaming.

These are some of the world’s great species – large and powerful, and fantastic to observe in the wild. Imported into the UK daily from warmer waters around the world, these species rarely swim near UK shores. For the chef they provide large loins of boneless meat, which can be cut into skinless and boneless portions. Increasingly popular on menus, where consumers like the meatiness and the lack of any bones.

White pomfret also known as the silver pomfret is fished in the coastal waters off the Middle East, South Asia. A rich source of lean protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium, you are eating a morsel full of health and delightful flavour. With its high oil content, White Pomfret is ideal for grilling, broiling, baking or in tempura. Add in the super power to boost nervous system and help prevent the blood clotting, we know you are going load up a cart full of White Pomfret!

Local Arabic Name: Velutha avoli, زبيدى

Scientific name:

1 – Pampus argenteus (Euphrasen, 1788), ISSCAAP code: 37, Taxonomic code: 1760300901, Alpha code: SIP, Family: Stromateidae, Order: STROMATEOIDEI, ANABANTOIDEI, FAO official common names: En – White Pomfret / Silver Pomfret, Fr – Aileron argenté, Sp – Palometón platero

2 – Parastromateus niger (Bloch 1795), ISSCAAP code: 37, Taxonomic code: 1702309901, Alpha code: POB, Family: Carangidae, Order: PERCOIDEI, FAO official common names: En – Black Pomfret, Fr – Castagnoline noire, Sp – Palometa negra


COMPONENTSAverage Nutritional Value Per 100g

Specification: Block Quick Frozen (BQF), Individual Quick Frozen (IQF)

Origin: Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Iran

Fishing zone: FAO 51

Shelf life: 18 months

FAO official common names: En – White Pomfret, Silver Pomfret 

Packaging: Cardboard box, Net weight, kg: 10, 20, 22, 24

M.O.Q: 1 x FCL (28 tons)

We supply fresh-frozen Pomfret of the following types:

WR: 80-100g,100-150g, 150-200g,200-300g


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