Cobia often likened to the Yellowtail Kingfish. It is a premium eating fish with medium to strong, distinct and pleasing flavour. It has few bones and a relatively high fillet recovery rate. It is often sold as cutlets, steaks or loins but can be found in some retailers whole. The most suitable methods of preparation for Cobia are grilling, barbecuing, baking and deep and shallow frying, but it is also superb for making sashimi. Because of its flavour and colour, Cobia fits in well in Sashimi plates served with other finfish, such as tuna. Grilled cutlets or steaks are great for presentation and suit Cajun-style cookery or the flavours of lemon and soy, ginger or chilli—chilli jam marries especially well. Because Cobia can be a little dry, the use of a good oil, citrus or marinade prior to cooking will help. Additionally wrapping in foil helps retain moisture during the cooking process when barbecuing and baking to retain moisture. The species can also be cubed and used in Hawain style Poke dishes with onion, cherry tomato and capsicum.

Scientific names:

 Rachycentron canadum (Linnaeus 1766), ISSCAAP code: 37, Taxonomic code: 1702222101, Alpha code: CBA, Family: Rachycentridae, Order: PERCOIDEI, FAO Names: En – Cobia, Fr – Mafou, Es – Cobia

Origin: Morocco, Oman, Oman

Fishing zone: FAO 34, FAO 37

Shelf life: 18 months

Packaging: Cardboard box, Net weight, kg: 20, 22, 24

M.O.Q: 1 x FCL (28 tons)

We supply fresh-frozen COBIA of the following types:

WR: 500g – 1 kg, 1 kg – 3 kg, 3 kg – 5 kg


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